by Artemik Team May 22, 2020

You are a women tennis player or are working with one? You are looking for a string that will be just the right fit for your or your player's game? You want to maximize power and speed? The Artemik Charger 1.25 could be a great fit, and here's why.


I really like Artemik’s Charger string.  It gives me the power and speed that I’m looking for, and, at the same time, it is very gentle and safe for my shoulder and arm. It’s a perfect combo that I look for in a strings... the Charger has it all. 

- Elena Bovina, 2004 Australian Open Mixed Doubles Champion and former WTA No. 14



Elena Bovina after practice, feeling good with her Charger strings.


1. Great power and speed

Needless to say that the women's game is different from men's game. And, for that reason, women may be (although not necessarily) looking for different features in a string than men are. That is, women's game (not all, but generally speaking) tend to be based on shorter aggressive rallies, with flatter, faster, and powerful shotmaking. To optimize this game style, players will prioritize strings that offer a great pop sensation, power, and speed, over rougher and more textured strings that focus entirely on spin. That is exactly what the Charger offers - a balance between power and spin. 


2. Safe and gentle on the arm

Another feature that is very important in choosing a string is how it feels on the body.  It is particularly important to protect the arm and shoulder with a string that is aggressive on the ball, but gentle on the arm.  The Charger's profile (square with very soft edges - almost plays like a round profile string) and thickness (1.25mm) makes it a great string in terms of injury prevention.


3. Perfect transition from multi-filament to co-polyester

You are looking to transition from a multi-filament string to co-polyester? The Charger is a great, easy in between. We recommend the Charger especially for junior and teenage players who have been playing with multi-filament strings such as synthetic gut and that want to move to a co-polyester string. The Charger is a go-to.


4. Good durability standards

Even if it's a thinner string (1.25mm), you will be surprised by the Charger's durability. The pop sensation can really last in the racket and will keep up with you in your development.


Is the Charger a string just for women? Of course not. A lot of men players love the Charger, for the same reasons mentioned above - it gives them great reaction off the shot and the exciting feel of a thin string.

Is the Charger the only Artemik string that is suitable for women? Of course not - again.  All four strings we carry are great fit for women players, and each has her preference. From the more textured Spark and Grinder to the soft and resistant Endurance, every player will find their fit! After all, a tennis player's string choice is a very personal decision.


Check out our products and find out which string may work best for you!


Artemik Team
Artemik Team

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