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Polyester strings in a nutshell

We know it can get confusing: polyester, synthetic gut, natural gut, nylon, Kevlar… what does that all mean? And does it make a difference? 

Different string materials will by definition impact the way these strings feel and play, and how long they last. For example, some strings, such as natural gut which is literally made out of cow’s intestines will be very soft and elastic and will break faster. Others, such as Kevlar, which is an extremely material used in race tires and sailing equipment, will be so rough and resistant that it could even cause injuries.

Our strings are made of co-polyester and stand somewhere in between those two extreme examples. Polyester strings are the most frequently used strings on the professional tour, at college level, and by advanced players.


What are the pros of polyester strings?

The three main strengths of polyester strings are durability, spin and control.


Polyester strings are one of the more resistant types of strings on the market. That is one of the reasons why they are adopted by more advanced or regular players who would otherwise break way too often with natural gut, synthetic gut or nylon, for instance. The reason why polyester strings are more resistant is because they are more rigid and less abrasive, even though they do cause a decent amount of friction at impact.


The polyester strings’ rigidity allows the players to obtain a stronger grip on the ball, which helps then generate spin. The strings naturally come back to their initial position, which permits good traction on the ball. Polyester strings being less power-oriented than other types of strings, they allow players to generate more racket head acceleration, which in turn creates more rotation on the ball which translates into more spin.


Because of the rigidity of the strings, the ball bounces rapidly off the racket (instead of a looser and softer string with a trampoline effect) and that gives the shot a more consistent result. By helping with spin, it also helps with control, because spin allows to keep the powerful ball inside the court.


What does the “co” mean in co-polyester?

Co-polyester strings, like ours, are simply polyester strings to which was added other components in order to obtain desired playing characteristics.

The components added to Artemik strings are: carbon, polyolefin, and poly-ethylene co-polymerized.

In addition to the added components, many factors will impact how a polyester string plays and feels, including its shape, thickness, and the tension at which it is strung. 


If I’m not super advanced, should I still consider polyester strings?

Yes, but not just any polyester strings at any tension.

Beginner and intermediate players must consider that polyester strings are relatively rigid strings. For that reason, they can be less playable and comfortable, and that could potentially cause discomfort, pain, or injury in the arms for players who do not have adequate technique. The focus of polyester strings is control and spin, which is ideal for hard hitting players who can already generate more than enough power. Beginner players are often less concerned with the spin, because they are not there yet, and would rather have a little help for generating power and look for a “trampoline effect.” 

That being said, not all polyester strings are the equally rigid. The Charger, for example, is a good option for beginner and intermediate players, for players with previous injuries, for players transitioning from a natural or synthetic gut, or for players looking for more power over spin.

The Charger string is the softest string of our line, and that is because it is the thinnest one (1.25mm) and also because it has been mixed with other components. String it at a lower tension point (50 pounds, for example) and you’re good to go!

Artemik Family
Artemik Family

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