Q: Why are your reels at a lower price range?

Good question ;) We chose to compromise higher profit margins ($$$) for the benefit of our customers. Our main goal at Artemik is to encourage the players' development, and we do so by making tennis equipment more accessible to all. And no, it doesn't mean that our strings are lower in quality (they are not!). Try them for yourself!

To know more about this topic, read "Why are our products so affordable."


Q: Where are your strings made?

Our strings are all manufactured in Germany, but the company itself is based in Orlando, Florida.


Q: Do I have to pay for shipping?

We offer free shipping in the US and Canada on orders $50 and up! Internationally, we offer free shipping on orders $250 and up.

Tip: If you know you go through a lot of strings, order 2-3 reels at a time to save on shipping (strings don't have an expiration date hehe).


Q: How long will it take for my order to ship?

That depends on where you order it from, and we don't offer any time guarantee. If you order within the US or Canada, you should receive your order within 5 working days. If you order from outside these countries, you may have to wait a bit over a week for your package to arrive. 

Tip: If you have tournaments coming up, or if your reel is near its end, order ahead of time to avoid stress and delays.


Q: What happens if I need to return my order?

If you wish to return an order, you must notice us within 5 days of the package reception, products must still be packaged and in their original condition, and the customer must pay for their return shipping. The order will be reimbursed fully within these five days (minus the shipping if applicable). Of course, if there is an error in your order coming from our side, please communicate with us as soon as possible and we will solve the problem free of charge. 


Q: How to I know which string to pick? Which string will suit my game the best?

Every string is different. There is no "better string," there's just a better string for YOU. We know it can be overwhelming to chose a new string to play with... that's why we wrote an article to help. We encourage you to read "Which string should I try."


Q: Other than your website, where can I find Artemik products?

We sell almost entirely online. Our products are also accessible through  Tennis Giant in Canada. We have Artemik products at a few points of sale and pro shops, but only in few specific US and Canada locations.


Q: Do you sponsor players? How can I get sponsored?

We currently sponsor players who perform at a national or international level. You can see our sponsored athletes here. If you think you'd be a good fit and would like to be sponsored, contact Gui Jasmin at 


Q: Do you also have natural gut strings?

No, all 4 of our strings are co-polyester.

Tip: If you are used to a natural gut or monofilament, we recommend the Charger as it is our thinnest and thus our softest string... but all of our strings are pretty soft, so don't worry ;)


Q: Which of your strings is the most economical?

It depends how often you break. If you are an occasional player, or don't play with a lot of spin (or for whatever other reason) and rarely break strings, the Charger would be the most economical string ($89 a reel).

However, it is also our thinnest string, so if you tend to break strings regularly, we could recommend you to try the Endurance ($99 a reel), which is our thickest string (1.30mm) and thus the most resistant. Your strings will last longer and you won't have to restring as often ($$$). 


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